Saturday, 31 March 2012



SCALE IS NOT A FACTOR TO AVAIL HIGHER GRADE BENEFITS ! We need higher grade benefits surely but not an imaginary higher scale. In PAY REVISION ORDERS commonly, two types of grade table is available. One for DHS doctors only and the rest for all other Dpts. But in the 9th PRC Orders, professionals are primarily avoided from the 2nd grade table as they are considered for a GRADELESS service- time bound promotion scheme- so called CAREER ADVANCEMENT SCHEME, which is unfortunately not implemented but withheld still now. That is why an unscientific grade table remains as a challenge to professional cadres especially for ISM MOs. CONFEDERATION IS AGAINST THE NEW GRADE TABLE ! We are referred in our memorandum, submitted after the 9th PRC reports and orders that the 15 year grade make a huge difference (10000 to 12000) between ISM doctors and the other professionals like Asst Public Prosecutor, Polytechnic Lucturer, PWD Asst Engineer etc. Naturally in such an unscientific table 8th year TBHG scale is higher than our SMO scale. This anomaly must also be rectified and not to be misused as done by some MOs somewhere for a temperory benefit against their seniors. GRADE IS OUR CHOICE ! We are opting for a HIGHER GRADE (ie increment benefits) in TBHG time. This option is strictly a personal deal, and a generosity of the Govt to solve a promotion less condition of a particular service personnel. We will be getting the benefits of a grade as per KSR Part I. But in PAY REVISION, change of scale in MANDATORY. This difference is very important to convince matters sharply and clearly. CONFEDERATION IS DEMANDING PARITY When parity is demanded, a time bound promotion is also suggested by us. THEN NO TBHG is applicable for anyone in future. Govt / AG may allow a higher scale to our junior MOs in the present situation. But it is not fair or virtual which is against our real view point. As per the CLAUSE given below the grade table SMOs can avail the same scale. This will not sufficient to rectify even 20% of the anomaly in present grade table. WHICH IS MORE ACCEPTABLE ? Think and select the right path. PARITY or GRADE (HIGHER SCALE)? It is not against FEDERATION. It is against CONFEDERATION KGAGMOF

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